Get the current week number in Alfred

For some reason, I like to work with week numbers a lot. When planning my week or creating a shared document to collaborate with my accountability partner, I always indicate it with the number of the week. But I don’t actively keep track of what week number it is in my head. I have an […]

Personal OS

Making is thinking

When I want to learn something, I usually try to work with the subject instead of thinking about the subject. I think better when I’m also creating. This learning method does not mean that I’m not thinking about the matter at hand, on the contrary. I’m thinking while also ‘doing’. A common phrase shared among […]

Personal life

On reading sci-fi and fantasy books

Let’s start this blog with something I enjoy doing: reading books. And especially sci-fi and fantasy books. Side note: You can find my Goodreads profile at (Goodreads doesn’t do vanity URLs 🤷‍♂️). Six years ago, I decided that I needed a hobby to wind down after a day of cracking my brain at work. […]